Reasons for choosing Qurio as the best learning partner to prepare your child for success


Mapped to Local School Curriculum

Our transformative curriculum is built on the foundation of local school syllabus, designed to help your child master key learning areas in school as well as hack homework, tests and exams. With life skills baked in, the curriculum also helps students go beyond classroom success, instilling confidence, resilience and self-awareness in every one of them.


Experiential-Based Learning Methods

Each lesson is designed for your child to actively apply newly learnt knowledge and skills in real-life scenarios. Qurio students, therefore, learn not only by active listening and tacking questions on papers, but also by engaging hands-on activities and dialogical conversations that foster critical thinking. When abstract theories become first-person experiences, they pertain to your child, improving memory retention in classrooms and their overall learning experience. It also enables our teachers to assess whether your child has thoroughly understood a concept. As Chinese Confucian philosopher Xunzi’s proverb goes, “Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I learn.” 

Dedicated & Experienced Teachers

Classes at Qurio are taught by certified, experienced, and highly-relational teachers, who care for your child’s academic progress and well-being as much as you do. All teachers are well-trained to educate young children,  as well as design highly interactive and effective classes incorporating experiential learning, social-emotional learning, and growth mindset languages.   

Small Group Learning

Qurio adopts a small class size model for better student attention and care. Keeping the student-teacher ratio low means our teachers can place greater emphasis on the abilities, learning styles, and interests of every student.

Learning Resources

To ensure learning progress and help your child achieve top grades, our teaching materials are designed to align with, or be a step ahead of, your child’s school curriculum.  Qurio also adopts a blended learning model combining classroom learning with online learning to cater for students with different learning styles. 

State-of-the-art Learning Environment

Qurio provides an interactive and innovative learning environment for your child, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. With the support of advanced technology, our 15,000 sqft. learning centre features thematic classrooms designated for language acquisition and STEAM projects on campus and on Zoom. Complementing the classrooms is our Qlub House, a wondrous, spacious area specifically built to encourage creativity, curiosity, exploration, interactions, and learning.


An introduction to Qurio featuring our course offerings and learning methods. See our teachers in action and how they use innovative teaching methods to maximize student engagement and learning effectiveness, both in-person and online!

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