Multitrack winter-themed learning experiences

Exciting winter-themed activities for 3-12 year-olds

Qurio’s Winter Camp offers an exciting winter-themed learning experience across languages, arts, and STEM. Each Camp consists of 4 days of creative multi-track activities where children will get exposure to learning languages in an immersive English & Putonghua environment while engaging in hands-on arts & crafts and STEM-based experiments. Check out all our camps with different winter-themed activities. Each camp consists of 4 days x 2 hours of learning each day.



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winter camp

LITTLE ELVES CAMP | 21-24 Dec 2021 | 10AM – 12PM

1 | Merry “Circuit” Christmas (STEM)

Celebrate a merry and bright Christmas with a Christmas card that lights up!

Highlights: Make a circurt, design a Christmas card

2 | Winter Solstice Blessing (Chinese)

Let’s share the love with our friends and family by celebrating Winter Solstice.

Highlights: Putonghua storytelling, chopsticks challenge, Chinese food craft

3 | Elf on the Shelf (English)

What is the cheeky little Elf up to? He’s here to spy on us to see if we’re naughty or nice!

Highlights: Elf scavenger hunt, English storytelling, write a naughty and nice list

4 | Garland of Gratitude (Art)

Come explore materials from nature and turn them into a Garland of Gratitude.

Highlights: Watercolour painting, garland making, nautural materials exploration

WINTER VILLAGE CAMP | 21-24 Dec 2021 | 2PM – 4PM

1 | The Tallest Christmas Tree (STEM)

Ready to challenge yourself in making the tallest Christmas tree?

Highlights: Build a Christmas tree structure, snowflake symmetry art

2 | The Gift of Christmas (Chinese)

Come find out what is the best gift of Christmas and learn to share with one another!

Highlights: Putonghua storytelling, Chinese vocabulary game, Christmas tree project

3 | How the Gringe Stole Christmas (English)

The Grinch is here to steal Christmas. Can we help him change his heart?

Highlights: Make a Grinch mask, English storytelling, balloon experiment

4 | The Silent Night (Art)

Let’s enjoy a calm and peaceful Silent Night through music and painting.

Highlights: Mindfulness activities, music appreciation, spray painting

FLYING SLEIGH CAMP | 21-24 DEC 2021 4:30PM-6:30PM | 28-31 DEC 10AM-12PM

1 | Santa’s Magic Flying Sleigh (STEM)

You can help Santa’s sleigh fly high so he can deliver presents to children around the world!

Highlights: Science learning – flight & movement, make a flying sleigh

2 | The Winter Explorer (Chinese)

Let’s explore the mystery of winter and discover the changes of this season.

Highlights: Putonghua storytelling, memory game, Chinese poem

3 | Russell’s Christmas Magic (English)

Santa’s sleigh is broken. What can you and Russell do to save Christmas?

Highlights: Write a Christmas card for Santa, English storytelling, Magical Christmas light

4 | The Nutcracker (Art)

Celebrate our uniqueness through learning about the Nutcracker story.

Highlights: The Nutcracker story, Self portrait, make a wooden Nutcracker


1 | Let It Snow (STEM)

Enjoy a freezing, cold winter with some fluffy, white snow!

Highlights: Science learning – basic chemistry of making oobleck, make fake snow

2 | My New Year Hope (Chinese)

Get ready for the new year by making a very special New Year wish list!

Highlights: Putonghua storytelling, make a new year wish list and vision board

3 | The Gingerbread Man (English)

Run, run, as fast as you can. Can you catch the Gingerbread Man?

Highlights: Make a clay Gingerbread Man, English storytelling, change the story ending

4 | The Winter Village (Art)

Let’s build a winter village and celebrate Christmas together as a community.

Highlights: Drawing activity, make a cardboard house, collaboration art


1 | Enchanted Rainbow Candy Art (STEM)

Let’s make this winter season sweet and colourful!

Highlights: colour mixing, colour wheel, candy science

2 | The Winter Olympics Challenge (Chinese)

Warm up and get ready to learn about the Winter Olympic Games and join our in-house sports games!

Highlights: Putonghua storytelling, make a story book, sports games

3 | How to Catch a Snowman (English)

We’ve got a problem! The snowman keeps escaping. Let’s find a way to catch it!

Highlights: obstacle course, English storytelling, make a 3D snowman card

4 | The New Year Hope (Art)

Let the New Year hope shine through colourful stained glass!

Highlights: resolution for the new year, stained glass painting


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Qurio’s Winter Camp will be conducted at Qurio’s flagship Qampus in Kowloon Bay covering 15,000sqft. of campus space. Our address is 6/F The Eastmark, 21 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.

Our camps are designed for children aged 3 to 12 years old.

Each Camp runs for 4 days x 2 hours each day. So your child will get a total of 8 learning hours during the 4-day Camp.

Qurio’s Winter Camp has been designed as a 4-day experience for children. To get the most optimal experience, we highly recommend signing up for the full 4-day Camp.

The 4-day Winter Camp costs HKD2,880 (before early bird discount). This is the total cost for 4 days x 2 hours each day. You get a total of 8 learning hours, which works out to only HKD360 per hour. The fee already includes all learning and raw materials for the Camp.

Qurio is a registered school governed by the Education Bureau (EDB). As such, we follow closely school closure policies issued by the Education Bureau. If there are decrees by the EDB for schools to shut down due to COVID-19 outbreak, Qurio shall follow the issued guidelines. In the case of Qurio’s Winter Camp, our first protocol will be to offer for the student to reschedule the Camp to another date when schools reopen, subject to availability. If due to scheduling issues and a reschedule is not possible, officially our policy states that there is no refund. However, we understand that we are currently living in very unusual times that require flexibility. As such, as an act of good faith, we can offer for you to convert the course fees into credit which can be used for other Qurio courses.

Our flagship Qampus is located at The Eastmark in Kowloon Bay and covers 15,000sqft. of learning space with 26 classrooms, making us essentially one of the largest learning centres in Hong Kong. Click here to view photos of our learning space to get a better idea. Better still, we’d love to invite you to swing by our campus anytime during our operating hours for a Qampus tour. Click here to view our opening hours.

The health and safety of our students is of our utmost priority. Qurio abides by the guidelines set forth by the Education Bureau. Here are just some of the steps we observe and practice on our campus to ensure the safety of parents, students, and staff:
Our campus is fully sanitised using GERMAGIC germicidal technology using encapsulation technology for controlled-release of active antimicrobials.
All students, staff, and guests to our campus are required to measure their body temperature, sanitise their hands, and wear a mask at all times when on campus.
We have certified first aiders on duty during our operating hours.
We have a Sick Bay equipped with First Aid equipment on campus.

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