Qurio is a parallel learning system offering after-school enrichment programmes for children. Our innovative learning approach and curriculum were designed to complement local Hong Kong schools. We help students to foster academic excellence today while preparing them for tomorrow’s success in a 21st century society.

Qurio is part of a prestigious education group committed to delivering the highest standard of service. With more than 20 years of track record in educational excellence, the group has built a solid reputation among parents and students. Through engaging learning activities and professionally designed teachings, students have been rewarded beyond just textbook knowledge.



Qurio’s mission is to inspire curiosity for lifelong learning – equipping each child for life, beyond academic success.

Ultimately, our vision is to promote transformational families where every child is equipped to reach their full potential and thrive in life.



Qurio Education Company Limited (Qurio) is a part of a larger education services group operated and managed under BlueTop Group Limited (the Group) which, in turn, is part of the Chiaphua Ltd. (Chiaphua) group of companies. Apart from Qurio Education, Bluetop Group Limited is also the holding company of Learning Habitat Kindergarten, Little Habs, and Learning Habitat Families.

Chiaphua began in 1922 as a small metal workshop. It has since grown into one of the largest privately held groups in Hong Kong, with diversified operations in over 20 countries.

The founders of Chiaphua have long recognised that education is the key to sustaining any community’s development. As a result of this conviction, Chiaphua has been actively contributing to the education sector through various philanthropic initiatives for over 40 years.  

In the course of being involved in this field, the founders were made aware of the importance of high quality early childhood education during the formative years and saw a gap in the region’s education system, where early childhood education has been under-emphasised.  As a result, Chiaphua decided to establish Bluetop Group Limited to create an education ecosystem to meet the growing educational needs of the region.