Designed to foster academic excellence & lifelong success


In designing the curriculum and learning method for Qurio, we started by framing the question “How might we design a transformational learning experience that fosters academic excellence and equip students for the 21st century workforce.” This led us to redefine the learning experience for students by taking the best international learning methods and adapting them for local Hong Kong school students.

Our learning method and curriculum framework are underpinned by building a strong foundation in Meta-learning (learning how to learn), which affects how we reflect and adapt. Then comes the building of knowledge (what we know and understand), skills(how we use what we know), and character (how we behave and engage in the world). Every Qurio student goes through this framework, resulting in students excelling not only academically but also are equipped for the 21st century workforce and set to thrive in life.


Wondering which course and what level is
right for your child?


QI (pronounced ‘key’) Skills are a set of “soft”, non-cognitive, social emotional, life, and other skills that people need to succeed in a 21st century society. QI Skills was conceived by Dr. Laura Jana, noted pediatrician, public speaker, and award-winning author of parenting and children’s book, “The Toddler Brain: Nurture the Skills Today that Will Shape Your Children’s Tomorrow”. The fact that QI sounds like the word ‘key’, is handy because these skills are certainly keys to future success. It also reflects they are the complement to IQ skills; I-Q and Q-I. The word Qi also relates to the Chinese concept of Qi (Chi), which translates as positive life force or energy that you can be born with, but they can also be developed. These skills should be fostered in children from an early age, while children’s minds are still malleable enough to absorb these skills and transform them into second nature. Each set of QI skills deals with an area of soft skills that are essential to growth, yet not normally covered in school.


At Qurio, we are strong proponents of growth mindset – the belief that skills, intellect, and talents can be developed through practice and perseverance.

Wondering which course and what level is
right for your child?


Based on Local School Syllabus

Our Academic Faculty maps the topics taught at top local schools onto our own curriculum, complementing it with learning methods proven to help your child master academic concepts, no matter how complicated they are.

Makes Learning Relevant & Memorable

“Learn, apply, and create” is a cycle that every student goes through at Qurio. We believe learning happens the moment your child becomes the agent, translating abstract textbook knowledge into real-life experiences.

Ramps up Study Skills & Resilience to Failure

Learning how to fail is as important as knowing how to tackle an exam. At Qurio, we do not stop on honing your child’s exam skills. We help students overcome their fear of failure, nurturing them into confident challenge takers and problem solvers.

Motivates Learning Beyond the Classroom

To help your child understand learning doesn’t only take place in classrooms, Qurio provides after-class assessments for students to track their learning progress, as well as practical, customised advice for you to integrate learning into your child’s everyday life.